Mr. Darrin Goodwin is a clinical intern working under the supervision of Latasha Matthews, LPC, CPCS.  He is working towards completing his Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health from Messiah College.  He received his BA degree in Psychology from Wayne State University.  His areas of interest include adolescents, adults, and couples.  His areas of focus include anxiety, depression, coping skills, and low self- esteem.  His ideal client is adolescents or adults who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression and have difficulty coping with these symptoms. Professionally, Mr. Goodwin has had a background working in a wide variety of fields, including public education, sports and recreation, and sales.
As an Intern, Mr. Goodwin subscribes to cognitive and person-centered therapies, but also utilizes empirically-supported interventions from a variety of theoretical orientations to dictate which framework will best meet his clients’ needs. He enjoys interacting with people and helping others reach their full potential, as well as understanding the biological and environmental factors that are intrinsic to human thoughts and behaviors. 

He looks forward to serving you.

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Latasha Matthews, Owner/CEO of IllumiNation Counseling and Coaching, LLC has worked in higher education (adjunct professor at Shorter University since 2014) and corporate America. She has provided in-home community-based therapy, and worked in a variety of private practice settings. She is well-versed in providing individual, couples, family and play therapy techniques. With over twelve years experience as a marriage and family therapist, Latasha uses a Family Systems approach which considers how a particular system impacts an individual person or situation. She also utilizes play therapy techniques, cognitive behavioral modalities, and solution-focused approaches along with a wide variety of other theoretical modalities to meet the needs of each individual client, organization or system she serves. Latasha’s non-directive approach allows her clients to take ownership of their ability to solve problems.

She is excited and humbled to offer those clients who desire a safe, non-judgmental space to utilize their Faith in Christ throughout the therapeutic process. Latasha maintains a private practice working with a broad spectrum of clients in Lawrenceville, GA.

Versatile and multi-talented, articulate and inspiring, she is passionate about providing compassionate, collaborative therapy, insightful coaching, resourceful consulting, and empowering training. Her impactful services have the potential not only to change your experiences but also to change your entire life. She was named Adjunct Professor of the Year 2015 from Shorter University.  Latasha has been featured on The Kitchen Radio show and has hosted a variety of calls on relationships, stress and boundary setting.