An interactive process intended to facilitate professional growth, and provide feedback and support. You will receive timely information & support for your areas of interest.
You can ask questions, explore alternatives, address ethical concerns and receive feedback and suggestions on your supervisory and/or therapeutic interventions; in addition to program and practice development interests.

​Group Consultation

Group consultation services incorporate coaching principles and group dynamics to maximize the professional potential of the participants.
Individual Consultation 

Individual consultation is available upon request and based on scheduling availability.

​For advice, assessment, implementation, and development of special projects, curriculums, educational opportunities, or other unique needs, consulting services are available.  These services range from conception to completion or any of the steps in between.  Let an expert conceive and deliver the services you need in a timely, professional manner, then be ready to observe measurable results.

Consulting services for:    
Typical consulting requests include: 
Curriculum development
Departmental processes
Educational planning
Employee development
Employee retention    

"No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that it created"  –Einstien